Boogie Shoes The funk in the trunk! Check out some fly statistics for MirrorDot, man. No jive. This page shows MirrorDot's love juice usage, mojo meter, and hipster count ("bandwidth," "parallel sustained slashdottings," and "site visitors" for you squares).

MirrorDot is groovy, free, and is good for your soul. Unfortunately, MirrorDot does not run on peace and daisies alone. It takes a lot of bandwidth to handle the mojo of many parallel Slashdot effects.

Keep the funk flowing - support MirrorDot!

All timestamps are relative to Arizona, USA (GMT-7).

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Love Juice
MirrorDot's Love Juice (Bandwidth)  -  Thanks to Deru Internet

Mojo Meter
MirrorDot's Mojo Meter (Parallel Slashdottings)

Hipsters (Site Visitors) Checking Out MirrorDot

The groovy cats providing the resources to run MirrorDot are:

Edgeos - Private Labeled Security Services
Create private-labeled security services for your customers, customized for your business.

Deru Internet - Colocation and Hosting
Deru supplies all the bandwidth for MirrorDot; their network can handle your needs!