Original Wrought Iron Furniture: 4 Essentials

Something that should not be missing in your home are original wrought iron furniture . These spectacular decorative pieces, full of personality, are all that your house needs. In this article we will know 4 essentials.

Original wrought iron furniture for your home

original wrought iron furniture

Currently, there are no rigid rules within fashion. Moreover, the rules to follow no longer exist . The same happens in the decoration, and thus, we see different styles combined within the same home .

If you want to transform your house and make it a unique and special place, you can buy some of these original wrought iron furniture. You’ll see what a pleasant surprise you take! The pieces we manufacture in VirginiArt are made with love and dedication.

Since every room in the home has its particularities, you can opt for the piece that you like the most among the original wrought iron furniture that we present below.

Headboards for your bedroom

The headboards are original wrought iron furniture that is the main piece of the bedroom . Since it is one of the main rooms of the house, the design must be to our liking. It must convey positive and pleasant sensations , in order to achieve a good rest.

In VirginiArt we have several lines at your disposal that can be of inspiration or captivate you . On the one hand we find the Organic line, with unpredictable figures and irregular strokes; the Natura line, with geometric and balanced finishes, and the Paris line, with a more romantic style.

Lamps that will light up your living room

The wrought iron lamps have their origin in the fortresses and castles. Nowadays, with a simpler style, they are still original wrought iron furniture that we can add to the home.

Both standing and ceiling, the lamps are that perfect complement that makes your decoration different . The former have a more traditional character, and combine wonderfully with a reading chair and a small table.

The ceiling lamps, on the other hand, are more modern and are the ones we have been using to a greater extent. Due to its functionality and its decorative power, they are one of the elements that are most demanded in craft workshops.

Mirrors for the hall

The mirrors are in third place in our list of original forged furniture. This decorative element is presented in very varied forms, which break with the geometric we are used to seeing .

Among the most outstanding designs we find volutes and conches that twist, offering infinite possibilities . Let us get carried away by creativity. Or, if you know what you want, let us know!

Coffee tables for the living room

Forging tables are presented in all kinds of shapes, styles and sizes. Original wrought iron furniture, they serve both for the bedroom, for the living room or for that small corner of the home that is your favorite.

The wrought iron gives a robust look to the tables. Often, and to counteract with that hardness, combine with crystals to add more lightness. This trick, in addition, brings a great lightness to the room in which it is.

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