Mirrors, the reflection of the home

The art of perspective has always been present in the field of decoration. Condition the overall vision of a room through the decorative elements that make it, is a simple task if we use objects such as mirrors. To grant a greater sensation of amplitude, to give more luminosity or to enhance the decorative style of the room, are some of the properties that generate the mirrors in the environment.

Los espejos, el reflejo del hogar

For rooms of reduced size it is advisable to place a mirror to visually increase the perception of spaciousness. If you want to enhance this feeling you should put some decorative objects in front of the glass to reflect on it and create a perspective with more depth.

The incorporation of mirrors in the room offers more light to the space. When positioning the mirror, it is convenient to place it on a wall near the window, so that it receives and radiates a large part of the light that enters through it. When the mirror captures the light it reflects it over the whole room, which brings more clarity to the general lighting.

Within the world of mirrors you can find many forms and compositions. If the space you want to occupy is extensive, you should use crystals of impressive dimensions, but if on the other hand the wall or the area where you want to apply one of these elements is rather small, you can choose smaller mirrors and create combinations to produce dynamism among them.

One of the mirrors that you should never miss at home is the one known as ‘standing’. This type of element also has a decorative function, a very practical side. It is necessary to know that in order to fully exploit the conditions of these mirrors, they must be located in the rooms or in the changing rooms and be accompanied by good lighting.




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