Mirror Mirror! Reasons to decorate with mirrors

Surrounding the mirrors there are a lot of readings and curiosities, from the primordial role played in the philosophy of Feng Shui to its prominence in stories and legends throughout history. For this reason, its mere presence full of mysticism and beauty any space.

For that reason, we wanted from Muebles Gregorio , to make an article in our blog , talking about how to decorate your houses with mirrors. We believe that we will surprise you …

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Here we are going to give you arguments and all the keys to fill any corner of your house with mirrors , whether they are round, rectangular, with or without a frame … And they are much more than mere decorative elements, since in addition to multiplying the space, they are a powerful source of light … If you want to know everything about mirrors, read on …

An accessory with a lot of history

In 1835, the German chemist Justus von Liebig developed a process in which he applied a thin layer of silver to one side of a glass panel. This technique was adapted and improved, allowing the massive production of mirrors around the world.

Although the mirror as we know it is only 200 years old , surfaces that emitted reflections have existed long before. It is said that the inhabitants of Anatolia, now Turkey, already created the first mirrors with polished obsidian 8,000 years ago. Later, between 4.0000 and 3.000 BC, in Mesopotamia and Egypt they would begin to create from copper and a millennium later the inhabitants of South America would make them out of stone. And in China and India, bronze was the material chosen for its manufacture.


Surrounded by mysticism

Although different cultures created mirrors with different materials and at different moments in history, the true inventor of the mirror is nature itself . The image reflected in the calm water of streams, lakes or fountains has been the axis of vital stories to understand the human condition . The best known is that of Narciso , a cocky young man who fell in love with his own image in the water and ended up choking to look too much to contemplate.

Snow White’s stepmother also ended up being a slave to her own narcissism, speaking with her “mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful??” And, according to Greek mythology, Perseus could only end with Medusa if he forced her to look at herself in a mirror. Alice entered through a mirror into Wonderland and the young Harry Potter succumbed to the charms of the mysterious mirror of Oesed, which did not reflect the image of the beholder, but his deepest desires. There are endless stories that warn of the importance of mirrors, most say that the image that is reflected in them is associated with the soul of people. That is why there is a belief that vampires, who have no soul, lack reflection. And there is no doubt that mirrors have fascinated humanity since ancient times. An element that also conquers the decoration of the house thanks to its many possibilities.


They give light and amplitude

These accessories are a very important complement not only in fairy tales, but also in interior design . It is clear that its main use is to contemplate us, hence the mirrors usually are in the bedroom, in the bathroom or in the hall. However, that has changed and there are many spaces that take advantage of its other two possibilities: to give light and breadth.

Who has not happened that when entering a room, it seems too big and then realizes that one of the walls in a mirror? Here is one of the advantages.

Another ?: the mirrors reflect the light, thus enhancing the luminosity . That is why it is recommended to place mirrors near light sources, both natural and artificial, and in especially dark rooms.

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They serve to highlight elements

Another unusual use of mirrors is that they allow us to highlight some element of the room from which they project their reflection. For example, if we want to show off a fireplace or give prominence to a chest of drawers, it will be enough to place a mirror directly opposite. Another trick is to have a mirror xl on the opposite wall to where a window , a terrace, or balcony. In this way, the exterior landscape will be reflected and we will turn the mirror into another window of the house.

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Its importance in Feng Shui

You can not talk about mirrors without mentioning Feng Shui . In this millenary Chinese philosophy, mirrors are essential to achieve well-being and harmony . How? So that they reflect something beautiful, thus allowing positive energy to enter the home. But beware: you should never be confronted with any door, since, according to the principles of Feng Shui, good energy will escape through it.

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Trends and recommendations

Extra-large mirrors have become very fashionable , because of their weight, they can be directly supported on the wall and they are worn especially in the Baroque style, with golden frames with an aged effect . Without doubt, we subscribe to the recommendation to opt for large models and if they can be flat and with simple lines, the better. Although as we say, baroque style is a safe investment because they put the counterpoint to all the decoration and usually fit very well with most styles.

In terms of shapes, we recommend rectangular and circular ones. In fact, another trend this year is to create a mosaic with several circular mirrors of different frames that have a link, for example, color. And first of all, the mirrors that you should avoid are those that deform the image , that has irregular edges or too intricate forms.

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Stop: where not to place them

So important is to select a type of mirror well as knowing where to place it. According to Feng Shui, it must be clear that if you put them in front of a negative image, they will return negative energy, that if you place them before a door, they will let good karma escape and if you put them in bed, they will prevent you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. It is also not recommended to put them at the end of a corridor or a staircase, in the exterior door of the bathroom , in front of the kitchen stoves or reflecting unpleasant or pointed objects. Also, never face two mirrors or locate them so that they form an angle. Complicated?


There, yes: where to place them

With so many premises to take into account it seems difficult that there are still places in the house where it is appropriate to put mirrors. But, quiet, the wise philosophy of Feng Shui also indicates where in the home are very beneficial. For example, experts recommend placing them in dining rooms and living rooms , as they help create a feeling of greater spatial amplitude. Of course, it is even better if the mirror reflects nice outside views. They are also advisable at the entrance to bring a strong energy to the home . Of course, it is important that the mirror does not reflect the door. Of course, it is a good idea to place them reflecting valuable symbols : water fountains, works of art, vases … They are also recommended on the walls of the stairs, never at the end. And for superstitious: we want to recommend that you keep your mirrors clean and, in the event that they break, replace them immediately.
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