Made-to-Measure Forged Furniture For Your Home

The advantage of choosing designer furniture is that we can obtain unique and unrepeatable pieces. With the help of these professionals, our bespoke forged furniture will be exclusive to us. Our home will become a reflection of our own personality.

Choose customized wrought iron furniture

Made-to-measure custom furniture

In decoration, we should not limit our creativity and let ourselves be carried only by what is fashionable or that we see in magazines. After all, our house is that place where we spend a lot of time. And that time must be of quality.

So that there is a good atmosphere and the environment is pleasant and cozy, it is important that the decorative elements are to our liking. Those little details or those pieces that, although they may not be in keeping with the rest of the decoration, are what really fill the space.

In this way, choosing customized wrought iron furniture is a perfect option. Given its versatility and the ease with which it adapts to all types of environments, whether rustic, industrial or with any other aesthetic, they always combine perfectly.

The use of wrought iron for home decoration is a choice that never goes out of style. Thus, throughout the centuries it has been present in different forms in the history of mankind. First, in the manufacture of agricultural tools and instruments of daily use. Later, and with the improvement of technique, to design helmets, shields and weapons. Later, it was used for lamps, doors and other decorative elements, until today.

Types of pieces in forging

At VirginiArt, we specialize in custom-made forged furniture design. In our gallery you will see a wide range of pieces that you can integrate in any room of your home.

One of the most popular decorative elements made in wrought iron are the headboards . Different types of designs, some with romantic airs and others more organic that remind us of nature. But all done with a lot of love and, of course, with a lot of professionalism.

The different finishes in which the products are available can completely transform the same piece. Consult our team and we will help you get everything you want for your home.

Other custom made forged furniture are the mirrors and the entrances . With the first of these elements we can create well differentiated spaces , while with the entries, the entrance to our house becomes an event.

Chandeliers are other possibilities offered by wrought iron, following the tradition of its use. However, there is nothing written about the limitations in the designs, and it is possible to choose any other piece that we want to have. We just have to contact VirginiArt and receive advice.

Forged furniture is also an excellent choice due to its ability to withstand the passage of time. With a few simple cares, they will remain as the first day. In short, they are an economical and safe investment.

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