Decorative Mirrors for the Bedroom

The mirrors in the bedroom can have several basic functions, alone or in combination: first, the mirrors are basic to see our reflection and our appearance when we wake up in the morning, whether they are the size of the face or if they are medium body. For this a good option is to place them inside the doors of the cabinets, so that they are hidden when the door is closed, but in this way the decorative option loses strength.
decorative mirror for the room

Another option is to place the mirrors on the walls of the bedroom. They can go directly on the wall as a painting, or on top of a dressing table or a dresser, for example. This is where the second of the functions of a bedroom mirror comes in: the decoration, but also the fact of taking advantage of the visual effects is at stake.

However beautiful a mirror may be, it does not always enhance the decoration but is placed in the most appropriate place in the bedroom. For this reason, it must be strategically placed, paying attention to what elements are reflected in it, so that the environment does not get too overloaded or, on the contrary, so that there is not too much empty space.

The central idea is that the mirror can provide an extra natural light to the bedroom, and that creates a visual effect that provides a sense of spaciousness. Here we present a simple trick: since in most bedrooms there is at least one window with natural light, a good idea is to place your decorative mirror on the wall that is in front of the window. This will allow the mirror to capture the natural light from the outside and multiply it by different spaces in the bedroom.

Also, if you want light but it is not so direct, we recommend putting a semitransparent fabric curtain (or in any case not opaque) in the window. Thus the mirror on the opposite wall will capture light equally and multiply it, but the atmosphere will be more tenuous.

If your idea is to bet on placing a decorative mirror on top of a piece of furniture (a dresser, dresser …), make sure that this piece of furniture is not too tall. The best decorative option in these cases is to choose a mirror of straight lines and rectangular shape, which is the same as the furniture to create a harmonious set.
Decorative mirrors with geometric shapes are always a sign of modernity and character. If you have your room decorated with a modern touch, or want to give it a personal touch, do not hesitate to place one of these, but make sure it is the center of attention and avoid, therefore, that the wall is too crowded in the surroundings.

And if you believe in popular sayings, and you’re thinking of expanding the family, you’ll like to know that it’s said that placing a round mirror on top of the headboard helps conceive.

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