Decoration Trends: Combine Wrought Iron

Trends in decoration are changing in the same way as fashions do. The colors and shapes vary with time but there are materials, such as wrought iron, that remain current. This is mainly due to the facility to adapt it to any style.

The trends in decoration of 2017

Trends in decoration: combine wrought iron

Although we are in mid-2017, it never hurts to remember the trends in decoration this year. Often it is best to find our own style and find those designs that best suit our needs.

However, knowing the new trends is a very practical way of looking for inspiration. Thus, we can extract ideas or small details on which to base ourselves to develop the decoration of our home.

Warm tones combined with iron

The proposal of the total white style that has characterized the last seasons begins to disappear. In these designs of Nordic inspiration reigns the white color, as its own name indicates. A great luminosity that is giving way to other tonalities, like warm tones.

The spaces become more intimate and with a more marked personality, and bet on green or blue tones that approach the gray. These colors are combined with traditional materials such as wood or wrought iron with black finishes.

Elements related to nature

The elements of nature, as well as the vegetation, are used to compensate for the strength of the shades mentioned above. The organic shapes adopted by wrought iron are reminiscent of figures present in nature itself. Branches of trees or multiform clouds that flow harmonically.

These curved shapes, so unique and with imperfect tracings, give that elegant but at the same time current touch to the home. You can check here the different types of designs related to the nature that we have. These can be adapted to headboards or entrances or to any other piece.

Crochet for cushions and decorative elements

The crochet also invades all the spaces of the home, not only to give life to the cushions of functional banquettes , but also to our lounge chairs or our terrace furniture . These varied textures allow us to give many different personalities to the same pieces made in wrought iron.

Timeless designs that recover the tradition

Finally, and as an escape route to the need to differentiate from others, not following any fashion is what has become a trend. Include elements of different styles as a means to create your own is the way to go. Not only in terms of clothing, but also in the home.

As happens in many alternative venues where you can breathe a bohemian and avant-garde air, the rooms of the homes also follow these trends in decoration. This way, traditions are recovered in terms of materials and forms of work.

Wrought iron furniture, like handmade pieces of original and exclusive designs, become favorites to fill spaces with personality. Being an element that provides lightness and strength at the same time, it is a weight material that wins against other more superfluous details.

Any style, whether sabby-chic , industrial, rustic or total white , combines perfectly with this versatile material such as wrought iron.


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