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The scammers are everywhere where the despair is. People with no money, looking for credit are vulnerable. eKonomia takes stock with some examples frequently used by credit scammers . Swindlers have no scruples, like demons. They do evil and have no remorse.

Following the scam, I only know the stories of people who have been scammed: Africans require payment for ” fees ” before sending the loan amount. The French who sent his payment to Benin or Ivory Coast will never see his money, let alone the “borrowed” sums. Despair can make us do things we would not have done if we were not on the edge of the roll. We are desperately looking for something that would come to our aid, so when we see someone offering us money, like that, without guarantees, we want to believe it.


False check

identity theft

To make believe that the loan was made, the scammers do not hesitate to make a fake check and send it to their victim. All would be well if the French bank did not immediately add to the current account of the victim the money supposed to be paid by the check. It should be understood that a bank credits the accounts of its customers with the amounts of checks on a provisional basis, few people know that in fact it is subject to the check being valid: the bank checks if it is a real check and not a counterfeit, it also verifies that it is provisioned.

The customer victim of a scam, seeing his account “credited” does not hesitate then to “pay” the scammer when he asks for payment of fees. When the bank realizes that the check is not valid (generally, two or three days after the deposit of the check), the victim of scam to the credit is then completely deprived.


Microcredit and solidarity

Microcredit and solidarity

It is not for nothing if more and more there are insurance against unpaid! The word “trust” is to ban business and money. Any request for money transfer abroad must also alert you, even more if it is outside the European Union. How in Africa, the poorest continent, can you lend money to the rich French? If I were rich in Africa, I would lend to my fellow citizens, not to a stranger thousands of miles away. When it would be French, English, Belgian and so on who would live in Africa (for business, or retirement for example), do not believe it. What rich retiree would want to spend his old age in an African country? I have a lot of respect for Africa, but let’s be realistic.