Credit Legal Tracking

As stated in the first sections of this article , you have the right to delay the loan installments by 2 months . Of course, having such a right does not mean that your credit record will not be broken. If you delay your credit debt by 1 day, the bank will call you and ask you to pay. However, you must not have paid for two consecutive months in order for the loan to fall into legal proceedings. In other words, if you do not pay your loan for 90 days, the bank will initiate legal proceedings. There is no legal follow-up before this period.


When The Bank Came From The Warning?

bank problem

If you do not pay 2 consecutive installments to the consumer credit you have used, your bank will send a strike to your address for this credit. Although some banks send a warning after the first installment delay, this is usually done if the 2nd and 3rd installments are not paid. However, it is useful to enter the way of payment from the moment the warning comes on behalf of the measure. The strikes will be sent to your registered address.


When does the foreclosure process begin?

foreclosure process begin?

If all of the legal follow-up criteria mentioned in the first part of our article have been fulfilled and you have not paid in 3 installments, the bank lawyers will contact you and the foreclosure process will be started. At this stage, salary foreclosure, real estate foreclosure and home foreclosure may be in question. When the 90-day period (3 installments not paid) expired by the bank expires, unfortunately the transaction is completely in the hands of the banks and the transaction is transferred to the lawyer and the transaction is resolved with the lawyer, not the bank.

After this stage, bank employees cannot give information about the subject, you are directed to authorized attorneys only. The lawyers calling you are doing their best to speed up the procedures by giving you days and time. After these transactions are completed, if you do not pay within the time given by the lawyer, the foreclosure process begins and the collection begins.


When does the bank’s lawyer contact?

When does the bank

Generally, banks authorize some law firms in their neighborhoods and some work with their own lawyers. If any of the above steps happened to you ( usually 3 installments are not paid ), the attorney authorized by the bank will contact you. This process occurs only if the third installment is not paid , ie after the start of legal proceedings. Of course, before the bank lawyers call you, the staff at the bank will call you repeatedly and remind you that you have to pay for the loan. As you understand, legal pursuit is considered as the last resort and your debt falls into legal proceedings . If you are able to pay, you should consider the calls made by the bank.