Hippie Bus Erik and Jay are the geeks behind this site. MirrorDot started with us simply doing a proof-of-concept project to see if we could create a system to automatically mirror any Slashdot-linked pages and ensure the content would remain available, even if the original site got clobbered - trying to solve the Slashdot Effect. The project worked, so we decided to make it available in September 2004 for anyone to browse and use.

Is MirrorDot perfect? No way - far from it.   :)   Nonetheless, we found it to be useful and hope others will too. MirrorDot is currently considered in a "beta" stage, so if you find any broken stuff on this site, please let us know.

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If you have any questions about MirrorDot, please check out the MirrorDot FAQ or just drop us a line. Listen to the Magic 8-Ball - support MirrorDot!

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