Credit Scam Between Individuals

The scammers are everywhere where the despair is. People with no money, looking for credit are vulnerable. eKonomia takes stock with some examples frequently used by credit scammers . Swindlers have no scruples, like demons. They do evil and have no remorse. Following the scam, I only know the stories of people who have been scammed: […]

Installment Credit

There are many different synonyms for installment credit. It is also referred to as consumer or consumer credit. Basically, the installment loan is a loan granted by banks to individuals as well as self-employed or freelancers and companies. It is characterized by the fact that the repayment is made in monthly equal installments over a […]

Revolving Credit in the Damn Corner?

Fascinating step by Widecobank, the approach to revolving loans. In short, they will simply convert part of the loans into a personal loan and for new customers a maximum amount of € 15,000 and a repayment amount of 2% per month apply.   Mega expensive loans I think it’s pretty saying. It will be necessary […]

Credit Legal Tracking

As stated in the first sections of this article , you have the right to delay the loan installments by 2 months . Of course, having such a right does not mean that your credit record will not be broken. If you delay your credit debt by 1 day, the bank will call you and ask you to pay. However, you […]

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